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We have a Simple, Scaleable, Repeatable Process to 

Take the Mystery Out of Leader Development

Let us help accelerate your leadership journey

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  • ​Leading your team feels harder than it should
  • ​People across your team struggle to feel heard, valued and appreciated
  • ​​Your team struggle to address change and conflict in a timely healthy manner
  • ​Individual competition impedes team collaboration 
  • Team success is based on a few high performing individuals, rather than the combined effort of the team. ​
  • ​Deep relational trust is not the norm across your team​
  • ​Your team struggles to meet your deadlines
  • ​Your people struggle to maintain the highest standards 
  • ​Not everyone on your team pulls their own weight
  • ​Your teams struggles to see the big picture and focus on your most important objectives. ​
  • ​Your sub-leaders feel like your competition rather than your greatest champions

You don't have to learn to develop people through trial and error.  Register for the Military Sherpa Academy and learn everything you need to know to become a leader that doesn't simply execute the mission well, but knows how to grow healthy, high performing teams where people love coming to work every single day.  

Our Leadership Pathway


Learn to consistently level up your personal health across all domains, while experiencing explosive growth in leadership competency, emotional (EQ) intelligence, and self-awareness


Master the apprenticeship and coaching skills needed to guide those you lead to greater personal health, greater leadership competency and deeper EQ and self-awareness


Transform Communication, Relationships, Alignment, Execution, and Capacity across your organization and create a culture of high-performing teams where people thrive

Military Sherpa Group Client Ratings

I recommend others in my organization attend this training

This tool provided value I can use inside my organization

My instructor provided valuable insight

This is the one and only training I have taken in my 13 years in the military that truly felt individualized while sitting over the Internet 

Master Sergeant

United States Air Force

Wow. What I gained from this class was totally unexpected. Everyday I came in excited, and eager, to see what was next. 

Technical Sergeant

United States Air Force

Can't wait to get my spouse included to work on personal relationships as well!


United State Air Force

Military Sherpa Academy Deliverables

Measurable improvements in your teams Communication, Relationships, Alignment, Execution, & Capacity

Measurable improvements in personal health across the team

Explosive development in leadership skills, emotional intelligence and self-awareness

Drama and gossip replaced by a culture of 

Sub-leaders trained to effectively apprentice and coach across the organization

More time to focus on the important, rather than the urgent

* Most people don't realize things CAN be easier.  
The Military Sherpa Academy helps you produce the results you've always wanted.  

How will your team benefit from 
the Military Sherpa Academy

Leaders define culture, and sub-leaders define sub-culture.  By putting your sub-leaders through the Military Sherpa Academy, you will begin to see changes across your organization in as little as two weeks.  

How it works:

Students meet every two weeks with one of our Military Sherpa Guides, and up to ten of their peers for deep dives into who they are and how they lead.  We meet them where they are, and work through struggles in real time, all while working to help them implement their commander's intent.

In between our coaching sessions, students run through our Become. Build. Lead. training sessions on their own time, and at their own pace.  

Additionally, while going through the program they have access to THOUSANDS of other students across the planet that are walking this same journey with them.  

Why it works:

Where most training and certification programs focus on an intense multi-day experience but struggle to establish or maintain traction, this is an in-depth long term relationship where YOU are the focus.  

Additionally, as masters at apprenticing high-performing leaders that are outside of your organization we can bring High Challenge, and High Support in a psychologically safe environment. 

Simply stated this is the greatest leadership greenhouse in the world!

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